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senior year week 10

Hello again!! I have a very quick summary update on what has been going on in my life. Still just trying to write all of this down so I can look at it later šŸ™‚

Generally I am a bit confused right now because I don’t know what I want to do with my life. I haven’t gotten my LSAT score back yet because I am an idiot and waited too long to do the writing section. So now all my info is still processing with LSAC. I sent in my rec letter requests, but still have not begun my personal statement (and really do not want to TBH). Basically I have weird lull in my application process right now which has really got me thinking.

I am starting to lean towards taking a gap year next year and just seeing what happens. I had such intense tunnel vision at the beginning of college in regards to soccer and wanting to be a doctor that now I feel like I missed out on pursuing other interests. Now that I am certain I’m not interested in either of those things, I want to take the time to explore other things. The best and most fun opportunities I have encountered so far have happened when I take a step back and explore what makes me most excited. I am also nervous that if I rush into school again I might miss out on unique opportunities that wont be around for too long. I won’t be young forever but law school isn’t going anywhere!!

I think I would enjoy being a paralegal and also maybe a fitness instructor on the side. That way I could get a better feeling for what being a lawyer would be like and also have some fun. I have also always wanted to teach group fitness classes, so I really want to give that a go now that I am no longer a soccer player.

On another note, I have loved not playing soccer anymore because I have so much more free time to do fun things. I have never experienced a fall without playing soccer, which is so crazy to think about. I have been going to the city a lot, spending more time with friends, and sadly also studying more.


One thought on “senior year week 10

  1. Grace my sweet Granddaughter you are an amazing person and the world and your journey is so open to what you want for you.
    You have the ability and choices to do whatever you choose and the time to think about what your passion is and go in that direction. What I think I hear you saying is that you are not sure what you really want. My thought is that because you have so many options of what direction you could go, which is wonderful and offers you so many opportunities it makes your decisions difficult. So if taking the time to figure that out is what you choose then do it or if continuing your path/education is what you want, then do it.
    I support you always in whatever direction you choose and I am always available to talk.
    Follow your heart and your passion!
    Love you,


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